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Why are Vocational Evaluations Necessary?

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The vocational training that we offer here at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County is all about helping adults with disabilities find independence in adulthood and a long-term job that they can handle with minimal support. If such training interests you, it’s important to know that you will first undergo an evaluation. You must be at least 18 and have been diagnosed with autism, traumatic brain injury, or an intellectual or developmental disability. You also need to have the ability to handle personal needs on your own.

Why are Vocational Evaluations Necessary?

There’s really nothing to worry about with the evaluation, but here is a bit of information to help you understand why these vocational evaluations are necessary.

  • Assess abilities and limitations: One of the main reasons for the vocational evaluations is to access your mental, emotional, physical, and social abilities and limitations. We understand that disabilities come in varying degrees. Once we understand your personal abilities and limitations, we can help provide a more personalized training and a vocational pairing that is best suited for you and your needs.
  • Assess employment potential: Once we have fully assessed your abilities, we can more accurately assess and understand your employment potential. Based on your abilities, we might decide that you need a more or less supportive work environment.
  • Create a vocational profile: The last reason and main objective for the vocational evaluations is to create a vocational profile for you. This profile will include the necessary information for future employers and others to make employment-related decisions. We will create this profile upon completion of the evaluation and update it as needed throughout the course of the training program.

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