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Why are Cooking Classes One of Our Training Programs?

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Here at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, we focus on helping adults with disabilities gain more independence, so they can be more successful and confident in their next steps after high school. One of the ways we do this is through cooking classes. We provide the students with basic recipes they can use on their own while also teaching them cooking basics.

Why are Cooking Classes One of Our Training Programs?

Here are a few reasons why we include cooking classes in our training programs:

  • Instill confidence and maximize independence: When you graduate high school, one of the first things you want to do is celebrate your new independence by moving away from home. This isn’t much different for adults with disabilities, but they might lack the confidence and skills they need to live on their own. One of the key things you need to know to live on your own is how to cook your own food. Our cooking classes help instill confidence in these young adults by teaching them crucial life skills and giving them the ability to care for themselves.
  • Prepare skills for employment: Cooking classes can also teach life skills that can be used in the career world as well. By learning to cook, the student is also learning to manage different things around them, multitask in occasionally stressful environments, and more. These new skills can help them to be more successful with a job.
  • Offer therapeutic time: Some may find cooking therapeutic. Offering cooking classes to adults with disabilities can help them fully relax and enjoy the activity and independence in the kitchen.

If you or a loved one could benefit from these cooking classes, give us a call to learn more.