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Who Qualifies for ADVP?

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Here at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, we have an Adult Development Vocational Program (ADVP). This program helps prepare disabled individuals to live as independently as possible. The program includes teaching vocational skills, life skills, and even cooking skills.

Who Qualifies for ADVP?

Here are some aspects we look at to help you decide if you or your loved one are qualified for ADVP:

  • Age and diagnosis: One of the first qualifications for ADVP is that the individual must be 18 or older and diagnosed with autism, a developmental or intellectual disability, or a traumatic brain injury. We often work with young adults who have just graduated from high school.
  • Personal ability: Another qualification for ADVP is that the individual must have the ability to handle basic self-care, so they can take care of their personal needs on their own. They also must have the basic social skills required for a safe work environment. The program is all about preparing them for independence and the working world, and we cannot do this if they are unable to handle the basics.
  • Desire: We love working with candidates who have a desire to work towards their independence. The program is built to improve their quality of life with all the necessary skills and offer the assistance and training they need to be paired with a job. When the individual has the desire to work on their own, they often have more success in the program.

We will perform an evaluation for the candidate before entering them into the program, so we can better understand their situation. If you or a loved one fits these qualifications, don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more or enroll in ADVP today.