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What You Need to Know: Volunteering and Assisting with Disabilities

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We rely on volunteers and assistants who play a crucial role empowering the disabled adults in our vocational training programs. If you have time and compassion to donate, we welcome you to volunteer with us.

What You Need to Know: Volunteering and Assisting with Disabilities

Here is what you need to know about directly assisting with disabilities in our organization.

  • Opportunities to Help Disabled Trainees. We offer flexible schedules and various roles for volunteers assisting our participants with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Some specific ways you can help include job coaching, tutoring, and assisting with life skills workshops.
  • Essential Qualities in Volunteers Assisting with Disabilities. The most vital attributes for succeeding as a volunteer are patience and compassion as well as clearly communicating using multiple modes adapted to individual abilities.
  • Accommodation and inclusion. To provide true inclusion for disabled adults, we make any accommodations needed by participants and volunteers alike. This means supplying interpreters, assistive devices, workflow modifications, therapy animals, or environmental adjustments. Ask us how we can best support you in directly assisting adults with disabilities through our vocational development initiatives.
  • Make an Impact. When you volunteer with us, you make a tangible difference helping adults with disabilities gain skills for employment success. Our learners benefit enormously from that one-on-one guidance. We hear frequently what an incredible impact our selfless assistants have through encouragement and belief in their potential.

To learn about our current volunteer openings or fill out an application for future opportunities for assisting with disabilities, contact us. We will follow up to discuss options and get you scheduled to start assisting within our vocational training classes or activities if this opportunity is a good fit for you.