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What You Need to Know About ADVP

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Our mission here at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County is to help adults with disabilities maximize their independence, and one of the ways that we do this is through something called ADVP, or an Adult Development Vocational Program. In this article, we will go over some key information you need to know about this program and how it works.

What You Need to Know About ADVP

First, ADVP is designed for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, individuals who will most likely need some form of ongoing support. It is a state-funded program that provides a variety of organized developmental activities with the purpose of preparing the individuals in the program to live as independently as possible. Our team will work with each person enrolled in the program to create an individualized plan, and we will guide each individual to classes and activities that support their personal needs and goals.

One aspect of the ADVP program is to help adults with disabilities build essential personal and living skills, including things like cooking, housekeeping, attending to personal hygiene, and seeking assistance when necessary. In addition, this program can also help individuals find paid work and provide support to help them succeed in an integrated work environment. As part of that, the program also includes training in appropriate workplace behavior, such as following directions, being on time, managing emotions, getting along with others, communicating with coworkers and work superiors, staying on task, and more. Our experts have the right experience and knowledge to help any individual maximize their independence and find success in the workplace.