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What Parents Should Know About Supported Employment

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As a parent of a child with a disability, you want your child to achieve more independence through employment. Supported employment is a type of employment that provides those with disabilities with ongoing support and training necessary to succeed in a competitive work environment.

What Parents Should Know About Supported Employment

If you want your child to participate in supported employment, you will need to locate a community-based service provider. This is what we are at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, and we provide assessments, jobs, and job-skills training to adults with disabilities.

One common misconception is that supported employment opportunities are separate from traditional employment. However, supported employment opportunities always occur in a cohesive setting with employees from all backgrounds. The federal government has also outlined several guidelines for what is considered supported employment. For instance, a position can be considered supported employment if it is a job where there are no other people with disabilities or part of an enclave with no more than six others with disabilities.

Without supported employment opportunities, adults with disabilities may have spent their lives in segregated employment settings. Supported employment gives those with disabilities a way to be successful in positions that complement their abilities, interests, and talents.

Our supported employment programs build confidence while helping individuals with disabilities reach their full potential. For more information about what supported employment is and what we do to support those with disabilities, contact us today.