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What is Supported Employment?

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Our mission here at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County is to support adults with disabilities and help them maximize their independence, while also helping businesses in our community find the solutions they need. One of the ways we can do that is through a service known as supported employment, which is designed to help individuals with disabilities integrate into the workplace. In this article, we will provide a brief overview of this program and how it works.

What is Supported Employment?

When an individual seeks a place in a supported employment program, their vocational rehabilitation counselor will help place them in a competitive employment environment. The program rests on a foundation that strongly values the inclusion of disabled individuals in the workplace and presumes that the individuals will be able to work. The counselor will help the individual in question develop a personalized plan, and the program will provide further employment coaching, as well as support and assistance in the workplace.

Supported employment is designed to promote integration in the community, as well as help individuals with disabilities make the maximum use of their skills. Those who make this program run, such as the members of our team, are happy to provide or secure assistance for those with significant disabilities of any kind, including physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, or severe and persistent mental illness. We also provide support services for both present and future employment opportunities, and we build networks and relationships with a variety of other services and businesses in order to provide ongoing employment.