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What is Covered in a Life Skills Training Program?

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Our mission here at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County is to provide top-notch life skills training for adults with disabilities in order to help enhance their personal growth, maximize their independence, and connect them to real-world opportunities or activities. Our team customizes our training programs to the needs of the individual, so we may help one person with one set of skills and another person with a totally different set. To give you an idea of the kinds of skills we can help foster, here is a brief list of what we can include in a life skills training program:

  • Many adults with disabilities need help learning the skills to take care of their personal hygiene and grooming. Our life skills training programs can include those skills, as well as covering things like dressing and undressing, doing laundry (or sending it out), and toileting.

What is Covered in a Life Skills Training Program?

  • Another cluster of skills that we can teach revolves around maintaining one’s health. These skills include things like how to plan meals, grocery shop, cook, and eat and drink. Learning to stay healthy also involves learning how to stick to a medication schedule, call for medical assistance when necessary, practice good safety habits, do basic first aid, and exercise.
  • A third group of skills that our training programs can include revolves around housekeeping and domestic skills. We can teach our program members how to organize their things in a way that works and how to keep their space clean. Our team can also assist with creating usability, entering and exiting a home, and finding providers when necessary.