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What Are Vocational Evaluations?

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Finding employment as a person with a disability is oftentimes more difficult than it would be for someone without a disability. There are typically a few more steps along the way to finding a job that will work out well and accommodate the disability. One of these steps involves looking into vocational evaluations.

What Are Vocational Evaluations?

Vocational evaluations are assessments aimed to discover an individual’s ability to work a job. There are many different factors involved in these evaluations, including a look into the individual’s disability. Disabilities come in many different forms and have many different levels to them. For example, a traumatic brain injury may qualify one person for a disability but not another person, depending on the severity of their injury. Vocational evaluations look at the severity of an injury or disability to decide whether or not employability is feasible.

Other factors looked at during vocational evaluations include what kind of employment would be appropriate, meaning that a person with a disability may be employable in one field but not another. What field is appropriate for employment depends on what accommodations the person would need.

If you need help understanding what vocational evaluations are and whether or not they would be necessary for the person with disabilities in your life, you can always reach out to us here at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County. We understand that finding employment can be a difficult process, so we try to make the process as simple as possible. We also offer vocational training for people with disabilities that can help them get the tools they need to succeed in whatever field they go into, so call us today.