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Two Ways We Support Adults with Disabilities

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Supporting adults with disabilities is our mission and purpose at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County. There are two primary ways we achieve this with our vocational training solutions and programs:

  1. Vocational training—We provide comprehensive vocational training programs for adults with disabilities that help these individuals work toward and maintain independent employment. Every adult who participates in our program starts by undergoing a comprehensive vocational evaluation that analyzes their physical, emotional, social, and mental capabilities, as well as their work tolerances and limitations.

Two Ways We Support Adults with Disabilities

  1. Personal development—Not only do we help adults with disabilities find employment, but we prepare them to succeed at it. Our personal development program provides social skills training, independent living skills support, community integration assistance, and pre-vocational skills training. This program helps adults with disabilities prepare to hold a steady job and fully integrate into our community.

How can you support adults with disabilities? You can begin by getting involved with our programs. If you own a business, you can establish a contract with us to outsource your workforce needs to a trained, dependable, and reliable staff. If you do not own a business but still want to support our mission, you can donate to our cause or lend your professional skills to our organization.

However you support our mission, you will make a difference in the life of a disabled adult. For more information about our programs and what we do to support adults with disabilities, contact us today.