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The Five Keys to Effective Job Training for Adults with Disabilities

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Gaining employment takes more than just desire and effort for adults with disabilities. Customized coaching with effective job training is key to opening doors to meaningful local careers.

The Five Keys to Effective Job Training for Adults with Disabilities

At Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, we’ve learned there are five keys to preparing our program participants for success entering the workforce.

  1. Vocational Evaluation. Every learner starts by meeting with our occupational therapists and skills trainers for in-depth evaluations. We assess current capacities in mobility, communications, cognition, people skills, academic abilities, independent living competencies, and vocational interests. This information shapes an individualized plan.
  2. Work Adjustment Training, With assessment data guiding the way, participants then begin job training courses, which focus on hard and soft professional skills. From using equipment safely to practicing interview etiquette, we tailor accommodations and supports to each adult through this direct skill building.
  3. Job Development Preparation. As learners gain strengths, confidence, and workplace experience, we start employment preparations. This involves networking with community partners, learning about disclosure and workplace rights, and brushing up on crucial interview abilities. We have also begun matching interests to current openings.
  4. Job Matching and Placement. The culmination of our well-rounded job training comes when we align each adult with an inclusive local employer suited to their assets. Our full-time job developers foster partnerships with businesses seeking dependable workers. We then facilitate interviews and negotiations to secure optimal arrangements.
  5. Job Coaching and Ongoing Support. Even after placements, our specialist job coaches continue working side-by-side with trainees. We provide intensified on-site training, workflow modifications, regular communications with supervisors, and long-term troubleshooting.

We celebrate the real impact on quality of life and community participation thanks to meaningful work. Contact us to learn more about unlocking the potential with job training.