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Supported Employment is Beneficial for All Involved!

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Adults with disabilities are often not afforded the same employment opportunities as neurotypical individuals, but there are programs in place to assist individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, and traumatic brain injury to find gainful employment. Supported employment programs are programs that connect businesses with organizations like ours, Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, to provide jobs for adults with disabilities and reliable, quality employees to the businesses that employ them.

Supported Employment is Beneficial for All Involved!

Supported employment provides assessments, vocational training, job coaching, and support to adults with disabilities, so they can gain the skills needed for their job, while allowing employers to lower their costs and have outstanding employees who are looking to succeed. By using supported employment, employee turnover rates are reduced, worker satisfaction is high, employee training is provided at no cost to the employer, tax credits are earned, and you are complying with the Equal Opportunities Act and Americans with Disabilities Act. You will also be providing a beneficial service to allow adults with disabilities to gain confidence and self-reliance, so they can maximize their independence.

Our organization is a non-profit that was established in 1967 to provide opportunities, training, and education for adults with disabilities after they graduate from high school and beyond. We know the importance of recognizing capability and talent, and promoting growth in the disabled community benefits us all. If you have any questions about how to enroll in the supported employment program or would like to donate to show your support, please reach out to us!