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Soft Skills We Teach During Job Training

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We provide job training for adults with disabilities at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County. Although our job training primarily involves teaching skills our participants can use to find and maintain independent employment, our job training programs also teach a variety of “soft” skills, which include:

  • Communication—Good communication helps you engage with customers, superiors, and coworkers. We teach participants in our program how to properly communicate with others in a workplace setting.

Soft Skills We Teach During Job Training

  • Conflict management—Disagreements and conflicts can come up in any line of work. Our program participants learn how to effectively resolve disputes so that they can move forward with their tasks.
  • Problem solving—Employers want team members who can look at a situation from multiple perspectives and solve the issue at hand. We teach our job training participants how to solve problems when an issue arises.
  • Professionalism—Approaching a job with a professional, positive attitude affects how others perceive you. We help our program participants enhance their professionalism, so those they work with view them with respect.
  • Teamwork—Learning how to work well with others is essential for long-term job success. Our program participants learn how to understand the needs of others and work with them to complete job-related tasks.

Learning and applying these soft skills is an important aspect of our job training programs. If you have questions about what we teach in our vocational training programs and how we help adults with disabilities succeed, contact us today.