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Reasons to Create Jobs for People with Disabilities

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At Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, we partner with local businesses to create meaningful jobs for people with disabilities. We have seen the incredible value disabled employees with proper training bring for meeting talent needs.

Reasons to Create Jobs for People with Disabilities

Read on to better understand the benefits of building an inclusive and diverse workforce.

  • Tap into a Motivated Labor Pool. Adults with developmental disabilities have the potential for long-term retention rates when compared with general population hires in roles they train for specifically. By building essential hard and soft vocational skills, our program graduates gain confidence that translates into loyal, diligent team members. Retention saves you continual recruiting and onboarding costs.
  • Gain Reliable Workers. Consistency is another asset among the dedicated candidates completing our customized employment training. Disabled employees often stick to reliable routines without absenteeism issues plaguing other staff. You can count on punctual reinforcements to keep operations humming.
  • Improve Community Perceptions. Consumers also laud businesses for creating progressive jobs for people with disabilities. You demonstrate corporate social responsibility. Customer loyalty surges when patrons see their values mirrored positively.
  • Receive Ongoing Job Coaching. We don’t just match jobs for people with disabilities then walk away. Our long-term job coaching services reinforce successes, providing professional development right in your facilities. From new hire orientation modifications to customization as duties expand, we help innovation stick.
  • Enrich Company Culture. Providing jobs for people with disabilities boosts camaraderie and peer development company wide. Unique perspectives foster innovation.

Inclusive hiring provides careers, not just jobs for people with disabilities. You bring meaningful change to your company culture and your employees’ lives. We invite you to start a rewarding partnership placing qualified candidates with disabilities into your workforce.