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Our Customized Training Programs for Disabilities Explained

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At Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, we take great pride in our customized training programs for disabilities. Unlike one-size-fits-all workforce development, we craft targeted education based on each leaner’s precise needs and goals for employment success.

Our Customized Training Programs for Disabilities Explained

Read on to better understand our flexible training model.

  • Comprehensive Evaluations. Everything starts with in-depth skills evaluations across vocational aptitudes, workplace behaviors, interpersonal abilities, functional capacities, health considerations, and areas for growth. This allows our team to pinpoint the best learning methods, supports, and accommodations.
  • Individualized Training Plans. Armed with objective evaluation insights, our employment trainers devise a personalized development blueprint aimed at maximizing independence. This covers setting milestones, accessibility tools, communication techniques, job sampling experiences, workplace culture coaching, and more. We revisit this training plan often, updating components as learners gain new strengths.
  • Customized Coursework. Each adult then begins customized coursework activities based on their plan. Training programs for adults with disabilities direct efforts where they are most beneficial as skills evolve. Constant progress monitoring also allows us to determine when a learner has achieved job-ready status in their customized program.
  • Gradual Independence. A key goal for training programs for disabilities is building confidence to work independently alongside colleagues of all abilities. We slowly reduce direct job coaching support as trainees gain capacities to manage key tasks solo. However, we remain engaged at program completion to consult if any workplace challenges later arise.

We hope this summary has helped you better grasp how our training programs for disabilities get such great results. We meet adults where they are and guide them to personal growth and employment fulfillment. Discover firsthand how our learner-centered methods could help you or a loved one. Reach out now to learn more.