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How We Help Our Participants Gain Development Skills

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Adults with disabilities often lack the ability, confidence, or opportunity to live on their own and provide for themselves. This can make it hard to find any independence, but we at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County are here to provide opportunities to help such individuals gain the necessary life, vocational, and development skills necessary to succeed and gain independence.

How We Help Our Participants Gain Development Skills

Here are a few ways we help our participants gain development skills:

  • Personal development programs: Our personal development programs are designed to promote life skills like cooking, cleaning, and personal care to prepare the individual to live and succeed on their own. We also focus on social skills to give them the confidence to interact with others. Such skills then translate into developmental skills as they learn the necessities, like teamwork and clear communication.
  • Vocational training programs: Our vocational training programs help prepare individuals for a work environment while also preparing them with development skills like time management, professionalism, and problem solving.
  • Personalized training: Before the individual begins any of our programs, we assess their disabilities and abilities to understand what development skills to focus on in training and what types of training, activities, and future employment might suit them best.
  • Training activities: We also allow our participants take part in regular training activities that help them integrate into the adult world. Some of these activities might include cooking classes, dining, shopping, educational tours, and wilderness explorations.

These are only a few ways that we can teach the necessary development skills to help you or a loved one succeed. Give us a call if you would like to learn more.