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How Job Training Can Help Your Son or Daughter

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When you have a son or daughter with an intellectual or developmental disability, autism, or a traumatic brain injury, you only want the best for them and hope they may one day reach their own independence. One way you can do that is by enrolling them in one of our job training programs.

How Job Training Can Help Your Son or Daughter

Here at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, helping adults with disabilities maximize their independence is our specialty. Here’s how job training can help your child:

  • Teach crucial life skills: One of the key parts of our job training programs is teaching the participants crucial life skills that can help them succeed in a career. These skills can include problem solving, time management, teamwork, communication, etc.
  • Teach soft skills: Even if your child’s end goal is to get a job where they can work independently, our job training can also teach them several important soft skills that they can use in daily life as a way to gain more independence. These include social skills, professionalism, and conflict management.
  • Pair them with employment: Our job training programs will not only prepare your son or daughter for competitive employment where they can prosper, but we will also create a vocational profile throughout the training that will help us pair them with an employment opportunity that matches their interests and abilities.

Give us a call if you would like to learn more about what our job training can do for your son or daughter.