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Gain Functional Life Skills with Cooking Classes

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Learning to live independently is a goal of every adult, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, and traumatic brain injuries. Cooking classes can help foster independence in this community and will instill confidence and enable more independence in the day-to-day lives of adults with disabilities. Being able to cook for ourselves is a skill that is usually acquired naturally, but some adults with disabilities are not given the opportunity to develop and enhance personal skills. However, with the availability of personal development, life skills, and cooking classes, self-reliance and independence can be achieved.

Gain Functional Life Skills with Cooking Classes

At Vocational Solutions of Henderson County in East Flat Rock, North Carolina, we are a non-profit organization that offers cooking classes for adults with disabilities. It is our goal to provide developmental therapies, personal care skills, and personal assistance to promote the acquisition of skills needed for everyday life. We assume capability and know that we can help foster skills that help those in need succeed. Not only will cooking classes help a disabled adult be more independent, the skills learned can also translate into opportunities for gainful employment.

Our program is internationally accredited, and we have been serving adults with disabilities in the community since 1967. We serve to help adults with the next steps after high school graduation and beyond, so they can build the confidence and skills needed to be self-reliant and safe in their daily lives. If you would like more information about our program, know a good candidate for our program, would like to donate to support our cause, or would like to learn more about our industrial contract program, reach out to us! Serving adults with differing needs and abilities in our community will strengthen our community as a whole. Give us a call today to see how you can participate in our mission!