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Benefits of Supported Employment

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If your child has intellectual or developmental disabilities, it can be hard to let them go off on their own without you supporting them. Fortunately, there are community programs like ours at Vocational Solutions of Henderson County that can help prepare your son or daughter for independence. One of the ways we do this is through supported employment. Here are a few of the benefits of the program.

Benefits of Supported Employment

  • Traditional employment: One of the benefits of supported employment is that there isn’t anything special about the place or type of employment. Your son or daughter will experience traditional employment with coworkers of any type of background, entirely unsegregated. The only thing that makes it supported is the training and support available to them during their time of employment.
  • Supports and complements abilities and interests: Supported employment will offer your son or daughter the support they need to succeed in a regular work environment, whether that’s physical assistance or otherwise. Before placing them in a place of work, we will create a vocational profile that will clearly identify their abilities, interests, and disabilities as they pertain to the workplace. This will allow us to match them to a job that truly fits their needs and interests.
  • Help them reach their full potential: The main objective of supported employment is to help your son or daughter reach their full potential. We will help them gain confidence in their abilities and give them the necessary training to succeed. That way, both they and their employer can see their potential beyond the disability.

Supported employment can really be a positive experience for your son or daughter in helping them gain independence. Give us a call if you would like to learn more.