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Development Skills, East Flat Rock, NC

We help adults with disabilities learn a variety of development skills.

Most adults with disabilities enjoy learning and trying new things. Improving on existing skills or developing new skills helps these adults feel more independent, important, and intelligent. In addition, simply participating in a program with others can provide valuable reinforcement, and the rewards they receive for participating can be intrinsically motivating.

Development Skills in East Flat Rock, North Carolina

At Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, we not only help adults with disabilities learn skills to support independent employment, but we also help adults with disabilities learn a variety of development skills. Participants in our program can learn how to tend to their personal hygiene, complete basic household tasks, cook for themselves, and facilitate appropriate reactions with other people.

Upon first enrolling in our development skills program, we assess each individual’s personal circumstances and abilities. For example, we consider their mental capacity, their age, their physical capabilities, their preferences, and the kinds of development skills that would apply to their personal circumstances. After performing this assessment, we design a skills training program that benefits the participant and prompts them to feel ready and willing to begin.

We serve adults with disabilities here in the East Flat Rock, North Carolina community and have helped many become more confident and self-sufficient through participation in our development skills program. If you have a loved one with a disability who desires to learn new skills, contact us. We can talk to you in further detail about opportunities within our program and how it works.