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Training Programs for Disabilities, Mills River, NC

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Our training programs help people with disabilities succeed.

At Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, we help people with disabilities and other limitations achieve their goals. We provide a number of training programs for disabilities that provide career and life skills training for adults with disabilities and other vocational barriers in a safe, caring environment. Qualified staff facilitate our programs and improve every participant’s potential for self-sufficiency and quality of life while sustaining their long-term goals of program participant employment.

Training Programs for Disabilities in Mills River, North Carolina

After someone shows initial interest in our training programs, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of every new participant’s emotional, social, and mental abilities, as well as their work tolerances, to determine their current and future employment potential and adjustment needs. The main goal of this assessment is to create a vocational profile that matches participants with a vocational interest.

We also offer two separate training programs for disabilities: a supported employment program and a work adjustment program. Through our supported employment program, we provide assistance for severely disabled individuals who require intensive training and long-term support to obtain and maintain employment. Our work adjustment program uses individual and group training activities to enable participants to work towards competitive employment.

Our training programs for disabilities have helped many in Mills River, North Carolina achieve meaningful employment and renewed purpose. For more information about our training programs and to find out how you can get involved, reach out to us today.

At Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, we offer training programs for disabilities in East Flat Rock, Laurel Park, Fletcher, Mills River, and Hendersonville, North Carolina.


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