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Adults with Disabilities, Hendersonville, NC

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We help adults with disabilities develop meaningful life skills.

At Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, our nonprofit organization serves adults with disabilities in the Hendersonville, North Carolina community. We offer a number of programs focused on helping disabled adults maximize their skills and potential by working to achieve steady, meaningful employment.

Adults with Disabilities in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Our programs for adults with disabilities include the following:

  • NC Innovations—This special Medicaid program started in 1983 to serve individuals who would otherwise require care in an intermediate care facility. This program gives these individuals the opportunity to be served in our local community instead of in an institutional or group home setting.
  • Day Supports Pre-Vocational Training Program—This program focuses on pre-vocational training to improve skills necessary to be considered for competitive employment. Training activities occur in a structured vocational environment and are individualized based on every program participant’s needs. In addition to pre-vocational training, participants can also engage in activities that promote daily living, self-help, and social skills.
  • Day Supports Day Activity Program—This program is for participants with significant intellectual/development disabilities who are not interested or able to pursue pre-vocational training activities. Participants receive help with the development, acquisition, and retention of daily living, self-help, socialization, and adaptive living skills.

If you or a loved one want to get involved with one of our programs for adults with disabilities, contact us today. We appreciate all the continued support we receive from local businesses and donors who enable us to provide a higher quality of life for adults with special needs.

At Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, we offer programs for adults with disabilities from East Flat Rock, Laurel Park, Fletcher, Mills River, and Hendersonville, North Carolina.