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Providing life skills training for people with disabilities.

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Vocational Solutions of Henderson County

Our mission is to help adults with disabilities or other limitations choose and achieve their goals.

At Vocational Solutions of Henderson County, we are dedicated to providing career and life skills training to adults with disabilities or other vocational barriers in a safe, caring environment. Our organization offers programs facilitated by qualified staff members who foster each person’s potential for self-sufficiency and quality of life and engage in income-generating business enterprises to sustain the long-term goals of program participant employment.

Vocational Training

The mission of our vocational training program is to help those with disabilities and other limitations achieve their goals.

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We provide assistance for people with disabilities and other barriers to help them achieve their potential through structured independent living and vocational skills training in a supportive environment. Our clients are given the opportunity to develop the vocational and social skills required to acquire and maintain a productive career.We offer top-quality product and service solutions to community businesses and government agencies, while creating meaningful jobs for people with disabilities. Our full range of flexible outsource services is designed to match your needs and save you time, lower your costs, and provide high-quality results. Consider outsourcing your workforce needs to our trained staff and dependable, skilled workers for manufacturing or medical assembly.

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Whether you are a business partner searching for outsource solutions in East Flat Rock, North Carolina or an individual seeking a supportive working environment that helps you grow and prosper, we invite you to learn more about our services. Contact us today to arrange for a tour of our Henderson County facility and give us an opportunity to become your partner in a successful future.