A Routine Day at Vocational Solutions

GE project

A recent visit found the clients at Vocational Solutions busy at work.  Many clients in the Adult Development Vocational Program (ADVP) program were carefully applying sticky green paper dots over holes on grounding blocks for GE Lighting.  The dot prevents paint from entering the hole in the next step of the manufacturing process, an important and essential prevention.

IMG_3205Another ADVP client was inspecting dental floss for Coates America by removing the floss spools with frayed ends and packing the good spools in boxes where they will be heat sealed and later sterilized in an autoclave.  Caroline was obviously proud of the work she does for Coates.

The clients in our ADVP and our Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) programs do contract work for many companies.  By giving our clients work, the contracting companies are able to get work done while giving our clients a way to be evaluated, trained, and do meaningful work.  100% of the profits go to Vocational Solutions to benefit the clients.  If you think your company might have work that could be done by our clients, contact Allen Combs at 828-696-0361 or acombs@vocsol.com.


Clients taking the Compensatory Education art class through Blue Ridge Community College were painting banners with an autumn theme under the patient and watchful eye of teacher Linda.  In the process, they chose stencils and then carefully painted the stencils with acrylic paint.  They also painted original pictures which they had drawn free-hand.  Proud of their “masterpieces” as they called them, the students submit their works to be judged in a contest through the Marketing Association of Rehabilitation Centers (MARC), the western North Carolina consortium to which Vocational Solutions belongs.  In addition to creatively producing works of art, students worked on eye-hand coordination and the practical skill of ironing, as well as the skills of doing good quality work, following instructions, and appropriate social skills.   Other Compensatory Education classes include cooking, computer basics, and health.

These are just a few of the many activities taking place that day.






Park 2 Park Race a Success!

Vocational Solutions hosted its first 8K race and Ability One Mile Walk on June 21.   Sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s greeted the 75 runners and 50 walkers (including a contingent of clients).  Age category winners were awarded drinking glasses in which they could pour their Wicked Apple cider or other drinks of […]

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Vocational Solutions Awarded Business Growth Award

Vocational Solutions was honored to be the recipient of a Henderson County Chamber of Commerce Business Growth Award on Monday, May 12.  The award, accepted by Allen Combss, executive director (shown above) and Butler Taylor, sales manager, recognizes established companies that have shown a three-year trend of revenue and/or employment growth.  We are proud of […]

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